Ross Andrews-Clifford’s experimental 10-piece band, here playing live with the Camo Quartet from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama on stage at GROW Hackney.

The piece is based on the LaMonte Young improvisation 1960 #7.  Young’s Composition 1960 pieces, provide one of the basic foundations for the idea to serve as the artwork by itself, with no unnecessary embellishment. Central to Young’s work is the concept of “stasis,” as opposed to “Fluxus.” “Change or flux is inevitable,” Young wrote. “Stasis, or remaining the same, is impossible.”
The musicans play B and F# in various transpositions and build a harmonic overtoning effect akin to a meditative state.

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Some of the people we work with:

Alexandra Park Beechdean Motorsport Brass Hat Films Camberwell film festival Chris White (The Zombies) Commercial Arts Dot.TV Forum magazine Frankfurt Books Friends of Slade Gardens Future Publishing Hastings Voluntary Action Jerwood Foundation

Justin Bell Motorsport Lambeth Parks Land Rover LiD Magazine London Photographic Awards Mind Charity Monty Oxymoron (The Damned) Pearson Publishing Sussex Wildlife Trust Tourism Australia Type Archive World First