A2 Posters designed for photographer Tim Willcocks. A Set of four were produced from images in Tim’s ‘One Shot’ photography book as promotional for his book launch.

Printed by:  Solaris
Giclee prints on archival paper available on request

Close to  the main carfax in Birmingham’s upcoming jewellery quarter with designer pop-ups and artisan cafes, 1000 Trades is the thriving go-to neighbourhood bar.

The signage was all hand-painted or acid-etched on glass in the bold black and white brand identity palette, with a strong modern typeface set on a foursquare ground.
1000 Trades logotype has been fine tuned to work at extremes of scale with no loss of design integrity, and for exterior: clear low-light visibility.

Personal letterpress project made at Ditchling Museum of Art & Craft using standard and luminous inks on archival papers.

Realismo is Italian for a philospophy that is based on pragmatism and facing the true nature of situations.  The first computer hard-drive was invented in 1956—whether this is the start or the end of rational thought, it marks the first major disruption to all things analog, especially in field of type design.

Prints available of request

210mm format Photography Book Design for Tim Willcock’s One Shot project:  50 Portraits of a Creative Community.

Junction44 concepted the book and branding for this venture, using high production values.  The book ran as a limited edition of 100 and was printed on Pureprint’s Indigo press.

Book Design:  Ross Andrews-Clifford
Photography:  Tim Willcocks
Words:  Eva Marcelle Clifford
Print:  Pureprint



Independent film events’ company based on the South Coast required a strong visual identity. The logotype idea sprung from the way film travels around a projector while the film is running.

During the pilot launch of the project the interactive ‘cinema experience’ company sold out all events, and by the final screening had to increase venue capacity to match demand.

New posts on this coming in January.

Junction44 Design was commissioned by ZSL (London Zoo) to create a brand identity for Wild Cats Conservation Alliance.  The brand will have international exposure and the branded merchandise is available at ZSL shops and ROAR Online.

WCCA do fantastic conservation work with all big cats, especially in Aisa, and required a significant, contemporary identity that would work alongside ZSL and partner logotypes.

Nick brings over ten years of WordPress development experience to Junction44.

A keen creative and technician, Nick has earned a reputation for his innovative and clear thinking approach to web design. His talents crossover into musical collaborations with Junction44, and particularly Ross Clifford’s experimental music collective: Column258.

Agency image:  Nick playing bass
and electronically manipulating analog objects

After graduating in Advertising and Public Relations at University of Alicante (Spain), Maria specialised in Visual Arts and Graphic Design which helped her understand the whole process of creating and producing marketing materials.

Subsequently, as Manager of the Internal and External Communications of a Spanish apparel company, she honed awesome digital skills, including SEO, Google Ads, Email Marketing and Social Media application, all of which make a massive contribution to Junction44 websites and e-marketing campaigns.



A multi award award-winning photographer working across disciplines from commercial, fine art and advertising to photo-journalism and education.

With a creative eye and a flair for crossmedia collaboration, James has the ability to work to a brief and produce original visual imagery.  He has competed across the globe, and is three-times World Sport kite Champion.  He also worked on the dynamic interpretation of music for the flying routines—editing and producing the synchronised music tracks.

Agency movie:  22 Separations
coming off the press at Martell Print, Hastings
See Collaborations / Installations


Julia worked at The British Film Institute before studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design.  Her work as a graphic artist for the agency includes ad campaign, album cover and poster artwork.

Her large scale collages often appear in public spaces—on billboards, bus shelters and advertising columns.  Her work is in private collections in Hastings, Brighton, London, Frankfurt, Milan and New York.

Agency image:  Julia Andrews-Clifford marking up
her large scale billboard for International Women’s Day 2018

Eva is a staff writer with 4 years’ experience in both commercial copy-writing and journalism. After a year in China, working for Shanghai’s oldest expat magazine: Talk, she now specialises in human rights reporting for Huck Magazine, Feature Shoot, LensCulture and The British Journal of Photography.

Agency image:  Eva Clifford front line reporting
from the Climate Change demonstration on the bridges of London, Nov 2018


Posters for Column258 alt post-pop psych groove band, for the Frankfurt Double or Back tour with collaborator Daniel Hartlaub.

New posts coming on this in January.

Using a combination of hand-lettering and digital type, the Icklesham School Summer Fair poster was all about conveying the abundance of Summer and the bounty of attractions offered at the fayre.  The 2017 theme was Robin Hood, hence the arrow striking the event date, and the colour scheme.

New posts on this coming in January.

Pencil drawing of Hastings Pier following its re:invention by dRMM architects and designers in April 2016.

It shows the low profile Birch Room and viewing platform, still supported by the Victorian stanchions designed by Eugenius Birch in 1872—the pier is now a perfect combination of modern and period, with its high material emphasis on renewable sources and sustainability.


Providing brand consultancy and graphic design for Hastings Pier Charity, on the award-winning pier designed by architects DrMM, junction44 was commissioned to design and produce this destination flyer.

We worked on the brand identity colours and type detailing of the logotype, including content copy, tone of voice; generating the tagline and image suite for the launch.

Brand Repositioning:  Ross Andrews-Clifford
Photography:  James Robertshaw
Print Run:  44K

A collaboration with photographer James Robertshaw and installed across 44 windows at Hastings station; 22 Separations combines abstract seascape images with meditative texts, jottings of overheard conversations whilst journeying the Hastings to Charing X line.  High-end commercial advertising values were employed to jolt the viewer into another world less ordinary.

Being adhered to glass, the images were backlit and mood-modified by the natural light changes over the course of a day and a night.
The original idea was that you would be walking through an ‘aquarium’, so the walkway was blacked out with the posters, themselves acting as viewing ports to interior dialogues and everyday whispers twisted, amplifed …

Print flyer design for Barefoot Opera’s production of Monteverdi’s opera Poppea, performed at St Mary in the Castle, Hastings.

Main graphic, layout, typography, copywriting and printing all included in this Junction44 promotional package.

Letters I Haven’t Written CD

Junction44 collaborated with JAC,
for MAMA-NOT-DADA—a large-scale
photomontage artwork paste-up of
an advertising column in the city
of Frankfurt.

Lid Photography Magazine

In collaboration with this New York style and fashion magazine and band photographer Jorg Steinmetz, Junction44 were commissioned to write the foreword to their feature on Steinmetz, and co-art direct the spreads.

Lid is available exclusively through Paul Smith
London, Foyles Bookshop and The Tate

Editorial Design:  Ross Andrews-Clifford
Photography:  Jorg Steinmetz
Words:  Ross Andrews-Clifford


One writer | One Photographer

This book is a collaboration between writer/designer Ross Clifford and Frankfurt photographer Jorg Steinmetz.  It’s an offbeat dialog Between words and visuals, with a foreword by bestselling crime writer Peter James, and chronicles 52 wks of e-conversation between the artists.  The methodology was similar to ‘call and response’ in Jazz music where in this case the starting photograph triggered a text response, that in turn triggered the next visual and so on x52.

Published and Printed by:  Henrich, Druck + Median
Available on Amazon UK and EU

“you two made a jazz book! genius! i really enjoyed it!
i read it in 1 go because each page made me curious to turn to the next!”
Stefano Boiano, invisible design Studio, Milan

Ross Andrews-Clifford’s experimental 10-piece band, here playing live with the Camo Quartet from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama on stage at GROW Hackney.

The piece is based on the LaMonte Young improvisation 1960 #7.  Young’s Composition 1960 pieces, provide one of the basic foundations for the idea to serve as the artwork by itself, with no unnecessary embellishment. Central to Young’s work is the concept of “stasis,” as opposed to “Fluxus.” “Change or flux is inevitable,” Young wrote. “Stasis, or remaining the same, is impossible.”
The musicans play B and F# in various transpositions and build a harmonic overtoning effect akin to a meditative state.

Junction44 was commissioned by Andrew Howard at Beechdean Motorsport to create some graphics for their new cars—especially the new BMW mini range and this Ferrari 360, which went on to secure wins in several GT championships.

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Some of the people we work with:

Alexandra Park Beechdean Motorsport Brass Hat Films Camberwell film festival Chris White (The Zombies) Commercial Arts Dot.TV Forum magazine Frankfurt Books Friends of Slade Gardens Future Publishing Hastings Voluntary Action Jerwood Foundation

Justin Bell Motorsport Lambeth Parks Land Rover LiD Magazine London Photographic Awards Mind Charity Monty Oxymoron (The Damned) Pearson Publishing Sussex Wildlife Trust Tourism Australia Type Archive World First